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Metabolon is committed to helping researchers like you harness the power of metabolomics to gain in-depth biological insight, facilitate biomarker discovery and advance research.

We offer a range of metabolomics services - from discovery research to clinical biomarker assays - that empower you at every stage.

We work with you to design and execute a research plan tailored to your specific needs, and each biomarker and metabolomics project is supported by a dedicated team of PhD-level biochemists, biologists and bioinformaticists. Our goal is to improve the probability of success at every step of the process. 

More than 800 clients across the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, consumer products, agriculture, and nutrition industries, as well as academic and government organizations, have used our technology, expertise and collaborative process to speed their research and product development. Our metabolomics solutions are proven and effective, with over 800 publications supporting us.

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