Watkins, S M, and German, J B, Metabolomics and Biochemical Profiling in Drug Discovery and Development. Curr Opin Mol Ther, 2002. 4(3): 224-8.


Metabolomics brings a different and complementary perspective to biomedical research and therapeutic development. Metabolites are measurable, directly responsible for health, and changeable through intervention. By definition, the concentrations of metabolites are the direct reflection of metabolism, and by measuring changes in metabolite concentrations, the full range of biochemical effects induced by a therapeutic intervention can be determined. In a clinical setting, metabolomics can be used to diagnose or predict disease, stratify patient populations by their specific metabolism, or to determine the safety or efficacy of a therapeutic intervention. Metabolomics is useful in virtually all aspects of biomedical research, and it is likely to evolve into an essential component of the drug discovery and development process.

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