Yang, X S, et al., Omics Technologies Reveal Abundant Natural Variation in Metabolites and Transcripts among Conventional Maize Hybrids. Food and Nutrition Sciences, 2013. 4(335-341.


In this report we have evaluated metabolite and RNA profiling technologies to begin to understand the natural variation in these biomolecules found in commercial-quality, conventional (non-GM) maize hybrids. Our analyses focus on ma-ture grain, the article of commerce that is most typically subjected to the rigorous studies involved in the comparative safety assessment of GM products. We have used a population of conventionally-bred maize hybrids that derive from closely related inbred parents grown under standard field conditions across geographically similar locations. This study highlights the large amount of natural variation in metabolites and transcripts across conventional maize germplasm grown under normal field conditions, and underscores the critical need for further extensive studies before these tech-nologies can be seriously considered for utility in the comparative safety assessment of GM crops.

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