Dowling, C M. Metabolomic and Proteomic Analysis of Breast Cancer Patient Samples Suggests That Glutamate and 12-Hete in Combination with Ca15-3 May Be Useful Biomarkers Reflecting Tumour Burden. Metabolomics, 2014.

Metabolon results led to:

• Blood-based biomarkers to potentially augment breast cancer management


There is a substantial need for noninvasive and reliable biomarkers to aid in management of breast cancer. Dowling and colleagues used a systems wide approach including metabolomics to screen serum from normal and breast cancer subjects in an effort to find such biomarkers. The top biomarker hits were then evaluated in an independent validation set. Remarkably, when the metabolites glutamate and 12-HETE were added to a more established breast cancer marker (CA15-3), the ability to reliably track tumor burden was significantly enhanced (AUCs of up to 0.98). These results illustrate that a comprehensive metabolomic technology can reveal non-invasive metabolic biomarkers that offer the potential to improve the existing breast cancer biomarker armamentarium (i.e. ones that can detect species like 12-HETE).


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