Metabolon: A Pioneer & Leader in Metabolomics Technology

Our patented technology is an excellent tool for translational research to extend the application of metabolomics from population studies and biomarker discovery to precision medicine.

Our experienced team of Ph.D. scientists, biostatisticians and software engineers has created the industry’s most comprehensive platforms for identifying and quantifying both known and novel metabolites in almost any sample type. In addition to our global discovery platform, DiscoveryHD4™, we offer a suite of focused panels and customizable targeted assays that allow for deeper understanding of particular metabolites and pathways.

Our platforms are powered by our proprietary software and dynamic biochemical reference library of more than 14,000 known and novel compounds. This big data technology allows us to rapidly and accurately identify and quantify metabolites while automatically filtering out extraneous data, such as data resulting from instrument noise. The result is clean, actionable metabolomics data that is ready for statistical analysis.

Based on our technology, we have developed clinical diagnostic tests for precision medicine by applying novel biomarkers and offer scalable, customizable research services to scientific investigators in both industry and academia.