About Metabolomics

Metabolomics: A Powerful, First-Line Phenotyping Tool for Assessing Health

About Metabolomics

Metabolomics is the study of small molecules and an integral technology for understanding the function of biological systems. It is the systematic measurement and biological interpretation of the low molecular weight (~50-1,500 Da) biochemicals or “metabolites” within a biological sample. Surveying these small molecules allows for better understanding of biological mechanisms, thereby creating a more complete picture of the phenotype (the observable characteristics of a living system).

This first-line phenotyping tool tracks alterations in metabolite levels and maps them to the appropriate biochemical pathways, improving our understanding of health and the influences of genes, microbiome, diet, lifestyle and drug treatment.

By providing a comprehensive picture of the biochemistry of a system, metabolomics helps answer many clinical and research questions and advance programs in translational science, biomarker identification and the study of disease and treatment mechanisms. This makes metabolomics a key technology for precision medicine, as well as investigators across multiple application areas.

Technology Advances Put Metabolomics in Reach

In the past, comprehensive metabolomics studies were prohibitive for most research projects. The largest challenge was not in data capture, but in data processing – a single sample could yield hundreds of metabolites and tens of thousands of data points. Processing and interpreting this data was not only time and labor intensive, it was also prone to significant error.

But today, thanks to Metabolon’s proprietary technology, researchers and clinicians are able to harness the power of metabolomics for accurate data and actionable results.

Metabolon’s advanced metabolomics platforms allow us to provide broad metabolite identification and quantification across nearly every metabolite class, including complex lipids, as well as focused metabolite panels and targeted assays.  

Our extensive metabolomics capabilities and expertise make us an ideal partner across multiple research areas including cancer, metabolic and cardiovascular disease, immunology, neurology, plant and animal biology, and more.

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