Discovery HD4™

Insights Powered by Big Data

Innovative, proprietary technology makes us the industry leader in metabolomics.

Our unparalleled profiling technologies quickly and accurately identify and quantify metabolites and map molecule pathways to identify diseases, discover biomarkers and better understand complex biological processes. We use this technology to conduct sponsored studies for clients in every area of the life sciences and develop innovative precision medicine products.

Our primary platform, DiscoveryHD4, provides whole-metabolome coverage across all major metabolite classes, with the option of additional complex lipid coverage.

To extract meaning from this "big data," we provide bioinformatics tools such as the  MetaboLync® client portal and lipid Surveyor™ tool. Finally, results are subjected to expert metabolic interpretation by our Ph.D. study directors and a team of experienced statisticians and bioinformaticists.

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